Through a single interface the element14 knode gives the design engineer immediate access to a world of electronic design solutions. Automating the creation of project design from initial concept to full realisation, increasing productivity and accelerating time to market as another unique aspect of the element14 global engineering community

PF373_Theknode_blue_l-resIn line with the Group’s focus on providing engineering design solutions, driving business to the web and growth in emerging markets, Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl), today announced the launch of the element14 knode, a revolutionary online design platform that is exclusively focused on the needs of electronic design engineers. Unveiled today at the Design Automation Conference, San Diego, CA, the element14 knode provides one interface to a world of engineering design solutions. It supports the complete design flow from concept to final production and is unique in enabling engineers to research, design, develop and prototype manufacture in a single, intelligent environment. Products get to market more quickly, and by automating the configuration of product design flow solutions, valuable engineering resource can be increasingly focused on application design and IP creation.

In the course of creating electronic products, design engineers visit multiple sites to gather relevant technical information and to begin assembling the correct hardware and software solutions for their design. The element14 knode is unique in providing a single on-line platform for performing all of these activities. Based on an engineer’s initial specification it automates the creation of explicit dependencies and inter-relationships with other system level components to quickly build a custom design flow – whether it be development kits, design tools, operating systems and stacks, Intellectual Property or services such as PCB design and manufacture. These have all been integrated into one convenient place: the element14 knode – KNOwledge for Design Engineers.

“The element14 knode offers a world of solutions in one single interface and is another exciting industry first for us offering a new and different approach to design solutions. Innovation is vital for design engineers and as their partner in innovation, we are re-defining the delivery of the solutions they need,” commented Harriet Green, CEO of Premier Farnell.

The services offered in the element14 knode v1.0 release include:

search automation and configuration for project specific design flows

development platforms and kits

operating systems and stacks

development and CAD tools

PCB services; and test solutions

an online ‘Learning Centre’

More exciting roadmap features will follow in future releases as the wave of innovation continues.

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