Premier Farnell today announced a collaboration between Analog Devices and Bourns to launch the industry first RS-485 Design Board.

The board is the first certified EMC Compliant RS-485 Interface Design Tool, bringing Analog Devices RS-485 expertise and Bourns external protection component expertise together to create a product that helps customers solve their EMC problems.

The externally certified EMC compliant RS-485 evaluation board is part of Analog Devices ‘Circuits from the Lab’ programme and is compatible with:
• IEC61000-4-2 –ESD
• IEC61000-4-4 –EFT
• IEC61000-4-5 –Surge (In-direct Lightening Strike)

RS-485 is a standard communication network for industrial communications and features fast data rates achieving 35Mbps for short distances and over 100Kbps over longer distances. Common applications of RS-485 include elevator control systems, building automation, security system controls and other industrial communication applications. RS-485 systems are inherently more robust than other networks because the signal is delivered differentially between two wires relative to a third reference voltage.

RS-485 is one of the most common interface standards, and due to its prevalence in industrial settings the systems must be capable of operating in very noisy and harsh electrical environments.

Mike Buffham, Global Head of Product and Pricing at Premier Farnell, said: “I am delighted to announce that Premier Farnell is the first distributor with inventory of the RS-485 Design Board. The collaboration between Analog Devices and Bourns to create this design board is a combination of expertise in two critical areas in interface design.”

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