Power Integrations today announced an agreement with SemiSouth Laboratories to act as a sales representative for SemiSouth’s innovative range of silicon carbide (SiC) diodes and JFETs worldwide with the exception of Europe.

SemiSouth’s SiC diodes and JFETs deliver significant efficiency and durability benefits in high-power applications such as solar inverters, motor drives, telecom rectifiers, UPSs, three-phase inverters and electric vehicles. In 2010, Power Integrations announced a strategic investment in the Mississippi-based SiC producer, which included an equity investment, a technology license and other financial commitments to support the continued expansion of SemiSouth’s SiC manufacturing operations.

Comments Ben Sutherland, vice president of sales at Power Integrations: “SemiSouth’s rugged, ultra-efficient SiC JFETs and diodes are a natural extension of our product line, perfectly complementing products such as TOPSwitch™ and TinySwitch™ which are used in standby power supplies for many high-power systems. With the SemiSouth SiC JFET and diode portfolio, we will be able to address the main power conversion and inversion circuits in those same applications by replacing silicon diodes, MOSFETS and IGBTs with higher-performance SiC technology.”

Added Dieter Liesabeths, vice president of sales for SemiSouth: “The growth of applications that benefit from extremely high levels of efficiency, such as solar energy and electric vehicles, is creating significant opportunities for our high-efficiency SiC power devices. This agreement with Power Integrations will substantially increase our sales and support bandwidth in regions where PI has a very robust presence.”

SemiSouth devices are available worldwide through Farnell and Newark as well as local distributors. Technical information is available online on the SemiSouth and Power Integrations websites and at Power Integrations’ regional sales offices.


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