The Power Ethernet PE socket provides Ethernet connections for up to four internet-enabled devices from a traditional mains wall socket, without the need for additional and unsightly cabling. The PE Socket takes advantage of a building’s existing electrical wiring to create a high-speed and secure data network for connecting computers, VoIP phones, multimedia set-top boxes, Internet-connected TVs, CCTV and other IP enabled devices. Other applications include smart metering, home automation and digital signage.

The PE Sockets have been designed to be fitted into a minimum 35mm deep UK or Irish double gang metal back box. Two or more PE Sockets are required in order to create a Powerline network. The network is very easy to set up as all PE Sockets are designed to automatically link to each other. The power outlets must be electrically connected sharing the same power phase in order for the PE Sockets to provide a network connection between them.

The great benefit of PE sockets is how easy and efficient they make the process of networking businesses, commercial and residential buildings. Each PE socket has a data speed of up to 200Mbps across a meshed network and a range of 300m between sockets, and is encrypted with 128-bit AES security. The data speed is fast enough to stream HD video.
Greg Potter of Rapid Electronics commented: ‘We are delighted to be supporting Power Ethernet as one of the limited number of UK retailers of the PE socket. As a company we see the huge potential of the PE socket as a networking solution for both businesses and homes.’

‘The Power Ethernet socket is a true game changer for the electrical industry,’ said Power Ethernet Managing Director Daniel Rogoff.
‘For the first time, electricians and electrical contractors can start specifying and installing data networks for customers without specialist cabling knowledge. From Connected TVs and games consoles to CCTV and IP phones, there are a rapidly growing number of IP enabled devices in homes and workplaces that need high-speed, physical network connections. I’m very excited to be launching a product that enables the electrical industry to play a big role in satisfying that demand.’
For more details, technical specifications and datasheets please visit the Rapid website.

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