Polar Instruments – a market leader in signal-integrity tools for PCB design, fabrication and test – has appointed Emdo Technologies Ltd., as their exclusive distributor in Israel. Emdo will provide local support for Polar’s industry-standard and leading-edge signal-integrity tools for the design and fabrication of rigid and flex-rigid PCBs, including complex multi-GHz boards.

Polar signal-integrity tools allow OEMs and PCB fabricators to significantly reduce turn-round times at every stage of the PCB design and fabrication cycle: the Si9000e GHz field solver and Atlas test system enable fast and precise modeling and testing of lossless and lossy PCB transmission lines; whilst the Speedstack and Speedflex HDI stack-up design and documentation systems, and CGen coupon generator, provide precision impedance control with powerful field solvers, easy PCB stackup design, professional documentation and accurate coupon generation.

Martyn Gaudion, CEO of Polar Instruments, explains; “Close cooperation with Emdo has meant that an increasing number of OEMs and PCB houses in Israel are already using Polar signal-integrity tools to smooth the path between design and manufacture. The new, exclusive agreement strengthens the support that we are able to provide to customers and also allows us to develop closer communication which will help us to introduce systems which directly address the evolving, real-world challenges of high-speed PCB design and fabrication.”

The ease of use and widespread adoption of Polar’s PCB signal-integrity tools means that OEM engineers can share the same modeling tools as their manufacturing partners. This allows designers to maintain tighter control over the fabrication process and gives PCB fabricators the flexibility to reduce costs and increase manufacturing yields by using virtual stacks to explore the affects of changes to materials, suppliers and trace widths.


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