New from Rapid Electronics is the latest PIC development tool from Microchip – providing a fully guided introduction to Flash programming on Microchip ICs.

The PICkit 1 is an introductory programmer and starter kit for programming Microchip’s 8- and 14-pin family of Flash microcontrollers. The starter kit, with its easy to use PC hosted programs, has been designed to enable users to get up to speed quickly and easily to use PIC microcontrollers.

The starter kit is bundled with Version 2 of the PC software and also PIC16C745 firmware. A demonstration program is also preprogrammed into the kit. For Flash programming the kit comes with two PC hosted programs. The Baseline Flash software is used to program 8- and 14-pin baseline (12-bit core) Flash microcontrollers family devices. The Classic software is used to program 8- and 14-pin mid-range Flash microcontroller family devices.

Also available is the PICtail daughter board, which works as an extension to the PICkit 1 Flash Starter kit, providing a signal analysis function. When combined with the PICkit 1 V2 firmware and the signal analysis PC application the PICtail can carry out functions such as real-time strip chart, oscilloscope, fast fourier transformation, histogram and programming.

Full product details, technical information and datasheets are available on the Rapid Electronics website.

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