Perpetuum has signed an exclusive agreement with VIS Systems for the distribution of its remote condition monitoring services and systems within Poland.
“We have been looking for the right partners which can broaden Perpetuum’s presence in key European markets,” shared Steve Turley, CEO of Perpetuum. “VIS Systems meets this with their maintenance expertise and local Polish footprint.”
VIS Systems is an expert in Poland in design and engineering, asset management and maintenance optimisation in the railway market, and the addition of Perpetuum’s services and products will ensure that it remains a progressive force in the development of the massive potential in Poland. VIS Systems will manage the needs of local Polish clients with the support of Perpetuum for technical services and products.
Hubert Stepniewicz, CEO of VIS Systems said, “Perpetuum’s condition monitoring systems allow us to address some of the most critical assets on the Polish fleets, and their UK service experience will enable VIS clients to benchmark against the progressive methods used there.”
Perpetuum is committed to developing its services in progressive markets around the world that are at the forefront of delivering value to their stakeholders through remote condition monitoring – whether that be through reducing material costs, unleashing key skills or increasing asset utilisation.
Poland is continuing to modify and reform its railways in line with the European directives in order to provide a step-change improvement in the quality and performance for the 9th largest European population. Perpetuum and VIS Systems are pleased to be part of this development in Poland.


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