The Kontron PC/104-Plus™ single board computer (SBC) MICROSPACE® MSM-eO offers OEMs the most powerful embedded graphics currently available for PC/104-based SBCs. With long-term availability, this SBC is based on the accelerated processing units of the AMD Embedded G-Series, which, along with a 64-bit CPU, also integrates a programmable graphics unit and a DDR3 memory controller.

The Kontron PC/104-Plus™ SBC MICROSPACE® MSM-eO integrates the single-core AMD T44R processor with 1.2 GHz together with an AMD Radeon HD6250 graphics unit. It supports the latest 3D graphics libraries such as OpenGL 3.2 and DirectX11. It is also ideally suited as an upgrade for existing PC/104-Plus designs that need more graphics performance with low power consumption.

Additionally, the integrated unified video encoder takes the load off the processor when displaying high-resolution videos (1080i/p) making the MICROSPACE® MSM-eO ideal for extremely compact multimedia applications.

With the support of DirectCompute and OpenCL 1.1, OEMs can also implement GPGPU applications with the MICROSPACE® MSM-eO in the low-power segment, using the computing power of the graphics unit for parallel data processing. For more information contact Texim Europe

• Most powerful graphics for long-term available PC/104-Plus™
• AMD™ T44R 1.2GHz single core CPU
• AMD™ FCH A55E chipset
• AMD Radeon™ HD6250 graphics
• 3D performance: 10x D510 (3DMark06)
• CRT: up to 1920×1200 30bpp LCD: up to 1920×1200 24bpp
• Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C (standard), -40°C to +80°C (optional)

• Mobile infotainment systems
• Vending machines
• Mobile battery-operated systems

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