Nu Horizons opens purpose-built training facility in Coventry with two full-day seminars

Untitled-6Nu Horizons Electronics will open its brand new purpose-built training facility in Coventry with two training seminars next month. As part of the company’s XpressTrack program of training events, inaugural workshops will be held on November 4th and 5th based on Atmel technology.

The training facility is attached to Nu Horizons’ UK headquarters in Coventry and has been specially commissioned due to the success of Nu Horizons’ XpressTrack training workshops. There are more than 30 XpressTrack events scheduled across Europe for 2009, covering both analogue and digital technologies. The seminars include technology reviews and hands-on laboratory sessions with the latest advanced reference designs.

The training facility’s first workshop will be held on November 4th, on Atmel’s QTouch technology. Presenting technical overviews of QMatrix, QWheel and QSlider, the seminar will be useful for customers with any level of experience with Atmel products. The cost of the QTouch seminar is £99, and attendees will receive development kits including an EVK1040A, an ATAVRTS2080A, an ATAVRTS2080B and an ATAVRISP-mkII. Together these kits are worth around £300. The second training workshop, on November 5th, will be an introduction to Atmel’s cutting-edge 32-bit Cortex ARM microcontrollers, the ATSAM3 range. The day will provide an introduction to ARM Cortex-M3 technology including programming models and the Thumb2 instruction set; interrupt execution, power management and debugging features; and porting to Cortex-M3.

The Cortex seminar will cost £99 and attendees will receive ATSAM3U-EK and ATSAM-ICE development kits worth around £200. For anyone wishing to attend both seminars, Nu Horizons is offering a discounted price of £179 to cover both days.

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