NRC Electronics, Inc. announced the creation of a new, strategic alliance with Samsung LED Co., LTD, that features a fully stocked offering of Samsung’s most popular LED lineup of products. High power products include the popular ceramic 3535 series, as well as the multi-chip Sunnix8. LED arrays are available in 8 to 40 Watts in the HVDC series, and 3W for the HVAC series (no external power supply needed).

The mid-power 2323 series of LEDS offers the most lumens per dollar on the market. Rounding out the mid power offering, are the 5252 and 5630 series. Samsung also has light engines, including their 25W modular IP66 solution, linear, circular and panel designs, and down light engines. The NRC/Samsung team will work together with your engineering team to produce custom lighting solutions.


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