BeagleBoneThe BeagleBone is one of the most popular open source hardware platforms ever developed, and its legion of fans around the world are now able to get their first look at the next generation board at the element14 engineering community.

Offering higher performance and more memory, the next generation BeagleBone’s lower cost will be especially attractive to students and hobbyists. Availability is slated for late April, but enthusiasts can queue now by registering their interest at

“The element14 community has become the go-to resource not only for professional design engineers, but for makers and hobbyists worldwide,” commented Dianne Kibbey, global head of community, element14. “Our collaborative environment is a great place for project sharing or to watch the latest Ben Heck show, and, most importantly, it offers easy access to technical information and support for the latest dev kits and single board computers.”

Open hardware enthusiasts are also invited to join the discussion on element14’s open source group, exchange code, read reviews of the device and register for the free Engineering 101 webinar series produced by the top experts in the electronics industry.

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