A new range of sealing and potting compound products from Raytech is now available from Rapid Electronics, providing a high standard of sealing and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor connectors and electrical components.

The new ranges comprise sealing products in a variety of bi-component formats. When the liquids are mixed they quickly form highly pliable gels and rubbers which set and cure quickly at room temperature. With a zero shelf life, Raytech gels and rubbers reduce wastage and although cold-applied like conventional tapes and grommets, possess moisture sealing capabilities higher than IP68. The ability of Raytech potting compounds to conform, coat, self-heat and be easily re-entered make these some of the most highly reliable products of their kind.

The products include Ray RTV rubber potting compound, a fast cross-linking bicomponent silicone rubber. When mixed the two components transform into a rubber with high mechanical, thermal and elastic characteristics ideal for sealing glass, pit sealing, rubber gaskets, anti-corrosion protection and moulding. Magic Rubber is extremely conformable, mouldable and flexible, elastic and flame retardant with high dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties. Galactic Gel Connection also provides an ideal solution for users who need to separate, insulate and seal electrical components in trays or other confined casings.

Paul Hemming, product manager at Rapid, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to add to our range of Raytech potting compounds. The products we are now able to offer provide customers with an extremely comprehensive range of high performance sealing and potting solutions for components and connections, delivering excellent flame, environmental and water protection.’

Rapid can support customers with competitive pricing, full technical support and product sourcing. For more details, technical specifications and datasheets please visit the Rapid website.

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