AE 436 UF18J(C) series fan from Aerco LOW RESThe Fulltech UF18J(C) is a series of heavy-duty fans available from Aerco with an aluminium 180x180x90mm frame and plastic 94VO covered glass fibre impeller, designed for use in large, densely packed cabinets.  Its high performance in a relatively small frame size makes it an ideal replacement for larger fans with similar performance where space is limited.

Capable of airflow at 60Hz of up to 216 litres/sec (460 CFM) at zero pressure, with a maximum pressure of 27mm H2O the UF18J(C) has a high quality ball bearing system and is powered by a thermally protected capacitor induction motor powered by 100, 115, 200 or 230VAC supply at either 50 or 60Hz.

The UF18J(C) has an operating temperature of -20ºC to +70ºC, has an operating life of over 40,000 hours at 40ºC, an operating noise level of 59dB(A) and is supplied with standard terminal connections.  The series is UL listed, TUV approved and CE marked.

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