MSI_AercoThe 1505 series is a new grip control from Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems (MSI) available in the UK from Aerco. Configurable for single cursor control or with a combination of joysticks and momentary, rocker and rotary switches; the 1505 grip is a compact and comfortable control ideal for many demanding applications.

The most commonly specified component for the 1505 grip is MSI’s miniature force joystick that is ideal for precise thumb control. MSI invented the force joystick using a control technology that provides improved tracking in turbulent environments with fine, reliable motor control by thumb or forefinger while minimising operator fatigue. Also available on the 1505 grip is MSI’s patented Hall-effect mini displacement joystick that offers reliable operation and precise return to zero through its non-contact sensing design.

Stand-alone, fixed, tethered or insulated versions in two- and three-axis controls are available in both right and left hand configurations, a wide variety of styles and ten switch and control configurations.

1505 grip controls are comfortable, have a rugged, cast-aluminium construction and are used extensively in military and aerospace applications for target and optical controls, weaponry and FLIR (forward looking infra red) radar, cursor and unmanned control systems.

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