New isotropic E-H field analyser provides accurate measurements at LW, MW and SW transmitter sites

Now available from Link Microtek, the leading UK supplier of RF radiation safety systems, is an innovative field analyser designed to provide accurate isotropic measurements of both electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity of long-, medium- and short-wave broadcast transmitters.

Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the EHP-200 includes built-in spectrum analysis capability over the frequency range 9kHz to 30MHz and accommodates all the field sensors and measurement circuitry in a robust housing only 92 x 92 x 109mm in size.Using a rugged optical-fibre link, the field analyser displays results in real time either on a PC or on the optional 8053-Display unit. The EHP-200 can handle a wide range of field levels from 0.02 to 1000 V/m and 0.6 mA/m to 300 A/m, and it features a frequency resolution down to 1kHz for detailed measurements. Dynamic range is greater than 80dB.

All measurement functions are user-programmable with the EHP-200 control software, which is supplied as standard. Other standard accessories include a 10m optical-fibre cable, carrying bag, plastic pole, mini tripod, battery charger and an operating manual with test and calibration certificates.

With the built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery providing up to 8 hours of continuous operation, the new field analyser is particularly useful for ensuring safety around the sites of large antennas, controlling the transmitted power in the actual radiation direction, and testing the functionality of the transmitting antennas. In addition, the EHP-200 can effectively measure the wave impedance of the field, thereby enabling users to identify the borders between far-field regions – which have an impedance of 377 ohm – and near-field regions, whose wave impedance is determined by the characteristics of the antennas.

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