MSC has today announced that it now offers three new 600 V super-junction metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, featuring a particularly low on-state resistance of only 150 mΩ and a low gate charge of 20 nC, from Renesas Electronics.

The three new devices have built-in fast body diodes with specifications optimized for high-speed motor control applications. This enables an extremely short reverse recovery time of approximately 150 ns, which is about one third that of the diodes in similar-rated existing Super Junction MOSFET devices.

In addition, the gate drain capacitance could be reduced by optimizing the surface configuration, thereby minimizing ringing while preserving high-speed switching performance. Among other things, this contributes to lower switching losses and stable operation, especially in three-phase bridge circuits that are frequently used in high-speed motor and inverter control applications.

The Super Junction MOSFET devices were designed primarily for use in home appliance motor drives and air conditioners that employ high-speed motors with inverterized control. The three new devices are available in configurations equivalent to the following industry-standard packages: TO 220FP (RJL60S5DPP), TO 3P (RJL60S5DPK) and LDPAK (RJL60S5DPE).

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