Mouser Electronics Now Stocking TriQuint-WJ’s New WJA Family Gain Block Amplifiers for Broadband Applications

TriQuint-WJ’s New WJA Family Gain Block Amplifiers for Broadband ApplicationsMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is now stocking WJ Communication’s WJA1001 and WJA1021 – the latest additions to their +5V Active Bias General Purpose Gain Block amplifier series. WJ Communications, Inc, recently acquired by TriQuint Semiconductor, is a leading supplier of radio frequency (RF) products and solutions for the wireless infrastructure and radio frequency identification (RFID) reader markets.

The WJA high-performance broadband amplifiers provide an excellent mix of power gain, linearity, and supply current performance in a SOT-89 package, enabling designers to integrate with their designs. The devices are internally matched to 50 ohm and only require DC-blocking/bypass capacitors and a bias inductor for operation. The amplifiers utilize the high-reliability InGaP/GaAs HBT process technology and are suitable for current and next generation wireless applications such as GSM, PCS, CDMA, W-CDMA, WiBro and WiMax, Repeaters, BTS Transceivers, and RFID.

The WJA1001 has been optimized to offer industry-leading linearity performance and provides 19dB gain at 900MHz, a +20dBm 1-dB compression point, and +45dBm OIP3 at 900MHz, while drawing only 100mA of current from a 5V supply voltage.

The WJA1021 gain block amplifier offers +37.5dBm OIP3 at 1.9GHz and is ideal for high linearity applications in the 50 to 4000MHz frequency range. At 1.9GHz, the device typically provides 17.5dB gain, +37.5dBm OIP3, and19dBm P1dB, drawing only 90mA current from a 5V supply.

“Having the newest products on the shelf at Mouser allows our engineering customers to design with the latest technologies,” said Mike Scott, Mouser’s Vice President of Active Products. “RF system designers consistently need products with improved linearity and other electrical and physical characteristics like these gain blocks from TriQuint-WJ.”

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