Mouser Electronics has updated its Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Technology site.
The new site provides an upgraded Product Selector allowing developers to quickly select a board using a visual matrix of important features. 30 different parameters can be selected and sorted including processor type and speed, memory and expansion capabilities, wireless and wired networking, user interface options, video connectivity, and more. Online materials includes user guides, PCB files, schematics, and complete documentation. Supporting software for each board is available for fast, direct download.
Under the Hardware section is a listing of available OSHW boards by category, including the newest Arduino and Arduino-compatible, BeagleBoard, Intel, and TI LaunchPad boards. The site makes it easy to find related hardware such as BeagleBone Capes, Arduino Shields and other useful accessories. In the Featured Products section, developers can find the newest OSHW boards including the Intel Edison miniature computer, Texas Instruments MSP-EXP432 LaunchPad, and the Arduino Lilypad for wearables. All hardware is available for same-day shipping from
The Articles section contains new articles, including a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of open source vs. proprietary. The Technical Resources section has new, related resources including updated application notes, white papers, and more to further assist developers.


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