Compact RADSOK® PCB Connector Series Provides More Power with Less Heat & Smaller Size

Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking three compact, high amperage RADSOK® PCB connectors from Amphenol Industrial, a division of Amphenol Corporation, and a leading supplier of interconnect systems.

Ideal for use in current, single-point connections to printed circuit boards (PCBs), the new PowerBlok™, RADSERT™, and PGY™ connector series incorporate RADSOK® technology to increase current and/or amperage, eliminate threaded connection failures, and increase reliability, flexibility, and available surface space within a board design.

Housed in a small 12.7mm x 12.7mm package, PowerBlok provides up to 70 amps to a board. The connector’s backplane power interface uses compliant pins, which are press-fit into the board enabling a solid connection and even signal flow. PowerBlok features a radial design that ensures many points of contact and a touch-proof cover for safer operation.

Available in either a 2.4mm size carrying up to 35 amps or in a 3.6mm size carrying up to 70 amps, RADSERT offers the smallest footprint of the PCB devices, freeing up the most surface space for added design flexibility. RADSERT enables designers to bring power to the board from busbars suspended above the board and its components. A standard RADSERT is designed for a board thickness of 6.35mm ±0.0635mm with custom sizes available for specific applications.

The PGY is available in a 3.6mm size carrying up to 70 amps and in a 5.7mm size carrying up to 120 amps, providing the highest amperage in the smallest package. The orthogonal card edge connector allows design engineers to achieve the needed size and weight reductions within their design without compromising the power needed for the board.

The RADSOCK® PCB connector series is RoHS compliant and can be applied manually (press-fit) or by a reflow solder process that eliminates the need for additional wires and special crimping tools.

“Both the design engineering community and our suppliers rely on Mouser to supply the newest products available to the marketplace,” according to Barry McConnell, Mouser’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “By stocking new products like RADSOK® PCB Connectors from Amphenol Industrial, Mouser is able to fulfill its commitment to both suppliers and design engineers alike.”

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