MouserPower CastMouser Electronics, Inc., today announced it has signed a global distribution agreement with Powercast Corporation, a ground breaking innovator bringing remote, wireless power capabilities to micro-power devices.

Powercast’s Powerharvester™ Receivers harvest RF energy (radio waves) and convert it into DC power for low-power applications over distance. In stock at Mouser is the Powercast P2110 915 MHz Powerharvester™ Receiver that can provide intermittent power for battery-free devices or pulse-charge batteries and the Powercast P1110 915 MHz RF Powerharvester ™ Receiver that continuously trickle-charges batteries or provides direct power.

Also available at Mouser is the Powercast Lifetime Power® Energy Harvesting Development Kit for Wireless Sensors, a complete demonstration and development platform for creating battery-free wireless sensor applications powered by RF energy. The kit, which was co-developed with Microchip, contains everything you need to convert RF energy into DC power.

Russell Rasor, Mouser Vice President of Advanced Technology, states, “Powercast is a welcome addition to Mouser’s lineup of products targeting alternative power sources. Their unique technology provides a reliable, constant power source and opens up new avenues for design engineers to create next generation devices, today.”

“With the addition of Powercast’s RF energy harvesting and wireless power products, Mouser Electronics is now a one-stop shop for engineers developing micro-power applications,” said Harry Ostaffe, Powercast’s Director of Marketing and Business Development. “Mouser is widely known for its extensive component inventory and quick turnaround times for both prototype to production quantities and their large customer base extends Powercast’s reach to a broader audience of design engineers.”

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