Mouser Electronics, Inc., regarded as a top design engineering resource and global distributor for semiconductors and electronic components, today announced the launch of a
Medical Applications microsite devoted to patient monitoring and diagnosis applications.

Medical electronics represents one of the fastest growing industries and is projected to grow more than threefold over the next five years. It is also one of the most demanding for design engineers due to complex technologies, regulatory considerations, and long product development cycles. Mouser recognizes these challenges and has created a unique resource to keep the engineer educated on technology and product trends with an eye for What’s Next in medical design.

Mouser’s first Medical Application site focuses on Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis, featuring devices such as pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, and digital stethoscopes. Design engineers get an overview of each device and by using block diagram navigation are able to select solutions from many major component manufacturers including Texas Instruments, Maxim, Honeywell, and Microchip. The Medical Application site offers solutions for all system functions for each of the Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis applications as well as a variety of technology resources such as videos and design guides. Texas Instruments and Honeywell partnered with Mouser by contributing articles addressing specific topics within the medical electronics industry.

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