Mouser Electronics has launched a blog. Titled “Bench Talk for Design Engineers,” the idea behind the blog is to provide a sounding board for people on technology’s cutting edge to knock around ideas, thoughts and theories. Mouser wants to be the go-to place for the latest in technological shop talk.
“Our goal is to provide a venue for various viewpoints within the area of technology, science and engineering,” said Kevin Hess, Mouser Electronics’ Vice President Technical Marketing. “What we want to do is to foster creative thinking, host a platform to discuss technical advancements, as well as technical problems and, hopefully, to share personal experiences and offer solutions to some of the problems and design challenges.”
It’s intended for design engineers, but is open to anyone who wants to comment if they have something valuable or interesting to share, whether you are a student just starting the engineer journey, or an innovator who enjoys building electronic gadgets on the weekends, or a seasoned design engineer. “We hope all of our customers will enjoy the blog and engage by posting comments,” Hess said.
Entries touching on a wide variety of topics such as power management, RF/wireless, open source hardware, circuit protection and more, written by industry experts in each design area have already been posted. Contributors include Mouser’s supplier partners, engineers, industry insiders and others. There is a blog from an engineering student’s perspective, and posts on general insights into technology.


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