Mouser Electronics, Inc., regarded as a top global engineering design resource for semiconductors and electronic components, today announced it is stocking new product from KEMET.

The KEMET High Voltage Flexible Termination (HV FT-CAP) MLCCs are SMT commercial grade X7R capacitors that combine high voltage and flexible termination technologies in order to address the primary failure mode of MLCCs – flex cracks. Flexible termination technology directs board flex stress away from the ceramic body and into the termination area, therefore mitigating flex cracks which can result in low IR or short circuit failures. The KEMET High Voltage Flexible Termination (HV FT-CAP) MLCCs feature a 125ºC maximum operating temperature to be considered “temperature stable”, a broad range of capacitance requirements, low leakage current, low ESR at high frequencies, up to 5mm of flex-bend capability, and a predictable change in capacitance with respect to time and voltage. The HV FT-CAPs are available in DC voltage ratings of 500V, 630V, 1KV, 1.5KV, 2KV, 2.5KV, and 3KV and capacitance offerings from 100pF to 0.1µF. The KEMET HV FT-CAP’s exceptional performance at high frequencies and high voltage has made them a preferred choice for use in power supplies and industries such as telecommunications, medical, military, aerospace, semiconductors, and test/diagnostic equipment.

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