First Digital Power Factor Correction ICs to Outperform Analog PFCs

Mouser_cs1500Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking the new Cirrus Logic CS1500 / CS1600, the first digital power factor correction ICs to outperform analog PFCs on performance and price.

These Cirrus Logic PFC controller ICs offer designers improved performance and simplified designs compared to legacy analog PFC products. The CS1500 is designed for power supply uses while the CS1600 is ideal for lighting ballast systems. These Cirrus Logic digital PFC controller ICs feature the new EXL Core™ architecture, giving the devices the advantage over analog products of being able to intelligently solve increasingly complex power management challenges. The CS1500 and CS1600 have patent-pending digital noise shaping technology that enables reduced-sized EMI filters and cuts the need for additional high-priced components and circuitry. These digital PFC controller ICs improve energy efficiency across all load conditions with a distinct performance advantage in light load conditions. Learn more

Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President Active Products, believes the Cirrus Logic CS1500 / CS1600 will eventually replace many analog PFCs as regulatory efficiency requirements become stricter. “Design engineers can design in performance improvement and cost savings, as well as simplifying the design with fewer components.”

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