Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with Industruino, manufacturers of Arduino-compatible boards fully enclosed in DIN rail-mountable casings. Industruino’s open source products are ideal for permanent or prototype industrial applications, including automation, data logging, and human machine interaction (HMI).

The Industruino product line of Arduino-compatible boards  includes the PROTO kit and IND.I/O kit plus Ethernet and GSM/GPRS modules.

Both the Industruino PROTO kit and IND.I/O kit are based on a 48 MHz Microchip SAM D21 microcontroller with 256 Kbytes of onboard flash memory and feature a backlit 128×64 LCD screen and a 14-pin IDC expansion port.

The boards allow developers to use the Arduino platform and large community to quickly program their designs.

The PROTO kit includes a main control board above a prototyping board, with a 2 A switching voltage regulator that offers an output of 5 V and an input voltage range of 7 V – 28 V. The IND.I/O kit is an interfacing solution to bridge the gap between Arduino compatibility and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and robust industrial sensors and actuators.

All field peripherals are galvanically isolated from the microcontroller via digital isolators and communicate via the I2C protocol.

The kit provides industrial-level input and output (I/O) capabilities, including eight channels of 24 V I/O, four switchable 0–10 V/4–20 mA analog inputs and two analog outputs, isolated RS485 transceiver, and isolated power zones.

For network connectivity, Mouser also stocks Industruino’s Ethernet and GSM/GPRS expansion modules, which connect to the PROTO and IND.I/O kits through the IDC port.


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