Exciting new technology in stock – flat membrane sensor potentiometers

Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is the first major catalog distributor to sign Spectra Symbol Corp. Spectra Symbol designs and manufactures thin, linear, membrane sensor potentiometers.

Mouser’s Spectra Symbol stock includes thin (less than 0.5mm) membrane sensors in standard lengths from 12.5mm to 1,000mm. Sealable up to IP65 the potentiometers can fit next to any movement device to give position feedback. This new technology is ideal for position sensing in the medical, robotic, Arduino, music, industrial, and automotive markets – virtually any application that needs to track position along a linear stroke. Simple assembly requires removal of the wax paper  backing to expose the adhesive and then applying to the desired surface.

Keith Privett, Mouser Vice President Interconnect, Electromechanical, Power, and Test, says, “Spectra Symbol’s new flex membrane sensors enable engineers, gamers, musicians, and robotics groups to create innovative designs that were not possible before. The flat position sensors provide new flexibility with increased performance for the newest designs.”

“Spectra Symbol is delighted to partner with Mouser Electronics in introducing to the world standard lengths from 12.5mm stroke to 1,000mm stroke linear Membrane Sensors. Together, we now provide the world with the most innovative and comprehensive product selection in the Membrane Sensor field,” says Daniel Marriott, President and CEO, Spectra Symbol Corp.

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