Connectors developed for high-performance mezzanine connector market; data speeds from 10- to 12.5Gbps are stocked

Molex_searayboard-wMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking the Molex SEARAY* 1.27mm mezzanine connectors. Molex is one of the world’s largest global manufacturers of interconnect products.

Mouser’s stock includes the SEARAY* 1.27mm board-to-board mezzanine connector that was developed for the high-performance mezzanine connector market to accommodate low-profile applications not suitable for HD Mezz™ products. The SEARAY plugs and receptacles feature data rate speeds up to 10Gbps. For higher data speeds, the SEARAY Slim plugs and receptacles offer speeds up to 12.5Gbps. To learn more, visit

Barry McConnell, Mouser Senior Vice President of Products, states, “Mouser is pleased to add these high-performance, high-speed mezzanine connectors to the continually expanding Molex portfolio. Our design-engineer customers rely on Molex’s continuous development of products to meet the needs of niche markets. They depend on that timely debut of new products and Mouser’s time-to-market advantage to develop designs quickly and efficiently.”

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