Murata Power Solutions expands Okami products which include Okami OKL-T/3-W12 series of adjustable output 3A LGA-SMT PoLs and new offerings in the OKY series

datelmurataoky-wMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it has expanded its Murata Power Solutions Okami products to include the brand new OKL Series, as well as an expansion of the OKY series. Murata Power Solutions products include the world’s broadest range of medium- to high-power DC/DC converters.

Mouser’s current stock of Okami parts from Murata includes the OKY and OKX Series and now includes the new OKL Series. The OKL-T/3-W12 Series are miniature non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) DC/DC power converters for embedded applications. The tiny form factor is configured on a Land Grid Array (LGA) assembly measuring only 0.488 x 0.488 x 0.22 inches (12.4 x 12.4 x 5.6mm). Features include a wide input range of 4.5 to 14Vdc, a maximum output current of 3Amps, a programmable output voltage from 0.591-5.5Vdc, and drives 1000µF ceramic capacitive loads.

The Okami OKL Series boasts outstanding thermal derating performance, high power conversion efficiency of 93%, and over-temperature and over-current protection. Barry McConnell, Mouser Senior Vice President of Products, says, “The new Okami OKL Series of DC/DC converters are ideal for powering CPUs, datacom/telecom systems, distributed bus architectures (DBA), programmable logic and mixed voltage systems.”

Mouser’s expansion of the OKY series includes the OKY-T/10-D12 and OKY-T/16-D12 series of adjustable DOSA-SMT 10- and 16-Amp DC/DC Converters.

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