Mouser today announced it is stocking new fibre optic transmitters and receivers from Omron.

Omron P1xX4C-SX4x-01MM / P1xX6B-SX51x-02A Fibre Optic Transmitters & Receivers are SC interface optical communication modules that transmit or receive multiple signals over a single multimode fibre. Designed for high-speed HDMI quality data transmission, they are well-suited for applications such as medical and video surveillance. Also available are several evaluation boards, including the DVI SX4, DVI SX51, and the SMA SX51.

The P1xX4C-SX4x-01MM transmitters and receivers are SX4 Mini Modules, which transmit four video or data channels over one multimode fibre, with each channel capable of transmitting up to 1.65Gbps (model = V) or 3.5Gbps (model = D). With a microcontroller preprogrammed for optimal optical transmission on board, the SX4 modules include fully integrated electrical-to-optical transmitters versatile enough to be designed into a variety of systems.

The P1xX6B-SX51x-02A transmitters and receivers are SX51 Data Modules that transmit up to four 3.4Gbps data channels plus two side-band channels (one each direction) across a single multimode fibre. They can transmit or receive over 6.6Gbps (model = V) or over 14Gbps (model = D) of data. With integrated drivers and amplifiers, these data modules eliminate the need for in-house optical design expertise.

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