Mouser Electronics today broadcasts its launch of a new Power Supply technology site on The new site contains technical information that refines design engineers’ exploration of power supply solutions that best answer their unique design requirements. Additionally, the site highlights the newest power supply solutions from Texas Instruments, TDK-Lambda, GE Energy, Microchip Technology, Murata Power Solutions and STMicroelectronics, to mention a few.

The new Power Supply site addresses design-from-scratch or ready-made power supply solutions and focuses on Switched-Mode Power Supplies, plus covers the four most-often-used topologies. Due to their higher efficiency, smaller size, and lighter weight, switching regulators are frequently preferred to linear regulators. Also, standard source voltages may not match the levels required by microprocessors, motors, LEDs, or other loads, especially when the source voltage is not regulated. The site helps design engineers navigate the benefits of SMPS.

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