Mouser Electronics is now stocking the Analog Devices low-power, single-lead, heart-rate monitor analogue front end (AFE) (AD8232) for a wide range of vital sign monitoring applications.

The monitor AFE is 50 per cent smaller and uses up to 20 per cent less power than competing solutions. The resulting power, size and level of integration enables designers to develop heart rate and cardiac monitor devices for use outside of critical-care settings in areas such as personal health management and remote health monitoring. In contrast to similar offerings, which are often derived from existing clinical cardiac monitor solutions, the monitor was designed specifically to meet the ECG signal conditioning requirements of emerging fitness, portable/wearable monitoring and remote health monitoring equipment.

The flexible analogue filtering configuration of the monitor incorporates a two-pole, high-pass filter that is tightly coupled with the IC’s instrumentation amplifier architecture, and an uncommitted operational (gain) amplifier that enables the user to employ multi-pole low pass filtering techniques to remove line noise and other interference.


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