Suppliers of bespoke industrial solutions, Motion29 Ltd, is now stocking JAY Electronique’s new XD Series – a line of radio remote controls designed for use in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 explosive atmospheres.

Explosions in the workplace cause on average 6 deaths per year and leave 387 workers with permanent disabilities. Operating machinery remotely in hazardous industrial areas enhances safety, allowing for precise manoeuvres, increased productivity and freedom of movement.

Typical applications for the radio remote control range include operating industrial equipment (boiler plants, mixers, conveyor belts, silos, dryers, etc), industrial vehicles (e.g. the transportation of bulk products and hazardous substances) and industrial lifting such as travelling cranes, hoists and monorails.

To further enhance safety when using the radio remote controls, access is enabled by electronic key to an authorised operator only and the buttons are protected mechanically against unintentional actions. Additional safety features include a permanent radio link – the control’s non-directional design and insensitivity to obstacles ensures the operator is protected against taking risks during precision manoeuvres – and the automatic start-up wizard which is presented to a new operator to ensure they are trained in its handling. The XD series is compliant with ATEX rules in accordance with marking indicated.

The XD system’s modular design integrates a number of features in terms of type, position and number of function buttons. The ergonomic design ensures operator comfort which allows for one-hand control, button touch sensitivity, light-weight compact transmitters and easy identification of control functions. The 55 millisecond response time is compatible with the movement speeds of the equipment enabling quick and precise responses.

The device allows for easy maintenance with diagnostic aid indicator lights and the ability to customise the device with an electronic key according to application requirements.

The transmitter comes in two housing versions with either 6 or 10 function buttons, each with abutton and en emergency stop palm switch. The various button functions are identified by adhesive labels supplied with the device, which can be placed in the recesses on the transmitter unit according to your chosen configuration.

Accessories are available to complement the XD range such as battery packs, white blank labels for customised marking, wall bracket for stowing battery pack and antenna and antenna extensions.




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