Payback achieved within a year

AE 438 Marl MR11 and MR16 from Aerco LOW RESThe Marl MR11 and MR16 LED downlights are now available in the UK from Aerco. These new lamps use 80% less electricity than halogen lamps with the same light output for which they are designed to be direct plug-in replacements.

Figures from Marl indicate that replacing standard halogen lights with LED products will show a return on investment within a year when operated for 18-24 hours a day. Once installed they will have an operating life of nearly six years (50,000 hours) continuous illumination.

The Marl MR16 LED downlight will fit directly into all standard MR16 sockets and matches the output of a 35W halogen light but draws just 6W. In most cases it can be powered from the same 12V AC or DC supply. They also emit zero ultraviolet or infrared radiation and are available in warm white or cool white versions.

The Marl MR11 LED is offered in two power levels that produce the light output of a 20W and a 10W halogen respectively but draws less than 2W.

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