QuasarBrite UV LEDs outshine CCFLs–offering longer lifespan, superior light performance, 50% cost savings, up to 70% energy consumption savings

Newark, a leading multi-channel, high-service electronics distributor in the Americas, announced today it was stocking the newest QuasarBrite™ UV LED technologies from Lumex, which include three new standard wavelengths.

Lumex states that QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide up to 10 times longer lifespan, up to 50% cost savings, up to 70% energy consumption savings and superior light performance, as compared to alternative technologies like CCFLs.

The RoHS compliant QuasarBrite UV LEDs are now available for same day shipping in standard 355nm (SSL-LXTO46355C), 365nm (SSL-LXTO46365C) and 377nm (SSL-LXTO46375C) wavelengths in a through-hole format. They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications including:

security (counterfeit detection for currency, passports and other travel documents)

forensic (applications related to forensic analysis of bodily fluids)

photo catalyst (for air and water purifier applications in homes, offices and automobiles)

“Previously, widespread use of UV LED technology, especially in the shorter UV wavelengths, was hindered because the materials used in the epoxy LED lens degraded the lifespan of UV LEDs to less than 5,000 hours,” explained Kay Fernandez, Product Technology Manager, Lumex. “Recent technological developments have allowed the epoxy lenses to be replaced by a robust TO-46 package with a glass lens, making it possible for QuasarBrite UVs to last 10 times longer- with life spans of over 50,000 hours.”

“Innovations like these represent our continued commitment to stock the latest technology products for design engineers,” commented Jeff Uden, VP, Product Marketing, Newark. “It will be exciting to see how many uses designers will find for the shorter UV LED wavelengths.”

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