Mouser Electronics has strengthened its embedded technology portfolio by signing a global distribution agreement with Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS), a manufacturer of short-range wireless devices. LPRS is a Microchip Technology Design Partner Member that specialises in license-free, sub 1GHz wireless technology in modular formats, ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The LPRS product line includes the company’s easyRadio modules — the world’s first radio module with an embedded communication software protocol — and the FCC- and IC-approved easyRadio Inte-grated Controller (eRIC) modules.
The easyRadio Advanced (eRA) transceivers save board space with an ultra-slim package and offer up to 1.6 miles of narrow-band transmission. The eRA modules feature up to 132 channels as well as adjustable bandwidth from 150 kHz to 12.5 kHz, allowing designers to balance data rate and distance for optimum Rx/Tx.
The eRIC transceiver modules from LPRS combine a high-performance radio frequency (RF) transcei-ver, RF band pass filters, microcontroller, 32 kbits of flash memory, non-volatile flash storage, tempera-ture sensor, and a low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator.
With a low-profile surface mount package and external antenna connector, the eRIC transceiver modules simplify product design by allowing for flexible placement within an end product. In the modules, the processor memory is partitioned and embedded with a protected version of the easyRadio Operating System (eROS) that handles all the complex radio functions, eliminating the need for designers to program multiple control registers.
Mouser is also stocking a USB dongle and Arduino-compatible shield for the eRA module as well as a breakout board, development kits, USB dongle, and Arduino-compatible shield for the eRIC module.


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