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aerco-halogen-cableAlpha Wire’s low-smoke, zero-halogen communication and control cable (LSZH) is now available from Aerco.  When standard cable and wire burns the insulating materials emit smoke, gas and acid that can be highly toxic.  The Alpha Wire range of high performance cable reduces the smoke and totally eliminates the halogen emitted without compromising on mechanical and electrical performance.

The Alpha Wire LSZH cable has corrosion resistant, tinned copper conductors, stranded conductors for installation flexibility and is available in multipair and multiconductor configurations and in versions that are foil shielded for EMI protection and improved signal integrity.  They also have colour-coded conductor insulation for clear, positive identification.

Alpha Wire LSZH communication and control cables are invaluable in applications such as rapid transit and any industrial and commercial applications where fire in confined space would create a health hazard and possibly endanger life.

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