Right now RS Components is hosting a European press briefing in Budapest.

The theme is the continuing roll out of the distributor’s global strategy.

Key points so far are:

RS is working towards offering its global customer base visibility of a global inventory, what the customer in China sees will be what the customer in Germany sees. This effort will encompass 75% of 550,000 different products from 2,500 suppliers according to Chris Page, RS Global Offer Director. 100% is not possible due to differing electrical requirements in certain countries and other regulatory issues. It will also mean the simultaneous and consistent roll out of 50,000 new products a year to its global customer base. RS has £280m worth of stock in its 17 warehouse locations worldwide.

Installation of the SAP global operating system will be completed next year enabling internal efficiencies and improved customer service.

A central hub warehouse will be opened in the near future to serve the Asia/Pacific market.

The 2011 venture into Eastern Europe is says the company, “progressing well”. The customer base has grown to 11,000 in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary The company is already eyeing up further opportunities in Eastern Europe.

RS Components is trialling RS Infinity a customer loyalty card scheme in Japan. Global Marketing Director Keith Reville said the scheme would be reviewed after 12 months and if response is positive it could be introduced in other regions.

Martin Keenan, is now unveiling DesignSpark Mechanical, a new arm to its DesignSpark online engineering resource. It joins other resources including DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark3D.

RS has worked with US company SpaceClaim to develop this 3D tool.

Five key reasons to use it says Keenan.
User does not have to be a CAD expert.
Electronics and mechanical design integrated with DesignSparkPCB.
Access to off the shelf designs from RS.
3D printing.
Ability to easily collaborate with colleagues, customers, a process much more dificult with traditional CAD tools. And, oh yes, It’s Free!


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