Lighting is the market sector where every distributor is looking for an edge over the competition. Mouser Electronics’ latest move is stocking the new ViviLux LEDs from LedEngin.

The LEDs deliver bold, vivid, and energy-efficient Lux-on-Target directional lighting for retail and commercial lighting. These high-efficiency, CRI 90 emitter-plus-lens combinations offer superior performance, leveraging LedEngin’s high density LuxiGen LED emitters and optics with high quality light, beam control, and the energy-efficiency demanded in today’s green environment.

The powerful, yet compact ViviLux emitter and lens combinations have the highest luminous efficacy, or lux/Watt, for a single CRI 90 LED, while maximizing Lux-on-Target for downlighting and accent lighting where high quality illumination is demanded. Additionally, emitter-to-emitter variations of less than 2.5 MacAdam Ellipses guarantee lighting consistency. ViviLux is available in three beam options—24º, 35º, and 45º—providing flexibility and freedom in lighting design.


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