Avnet Abacus has landed the ‘Platinum’ award for outstanding sales growth and support from Kingbright. For the fourth year running, sales through Avnet Abacus have resulted in the biggest revenue growth in Europe for the Kingbright range compared to other distribution channels for these products, with annual sales doubling over this period.

“We cannot fault the service provided by Avnet Abacus to our customers in Europe,” said Udo Reinhold, Managing Director, Kingbright Europe. “Their excellent market knowledge and technical support, which is typically delivered with personal attention in the local language, is without doubt a major factor in our continued business success in the region, and we feel it is important to once again recognize this unprecedented contribution.”

“The market for compact LED display technologies has been gathering pace over the past few years, and Kingbright has continued to produce innovative new components that deliver increasingly sophisticated functionality to lighting designers at affordable prices,” said Hagen Götze, Marketing Manager, Avnet Abacus. “By stocking these quality products we are ensuring that customers throughout the region have access to some of the very best LED solutions available, and the sustained sales growth on the range is evidence of this.”

Avnet Abacus is Kingbright’s largest and most successful pan-European distributor, stocking an extensive selection of SMD LEDs, through-hole LED, LED displays and other LED related products from the manufacturer for a broad array of industrial applications.


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