High performance LeCroy oscilloscope sets the standard for fast debug

LeCroy WaveSurfer OscilloscopeThe latest LeCroy WaveSurfer oscilloscope, with the best raw performance in the 1GHz bandwidth segment, is now available in the UK from Aspen Electronics. The new MXs-Type 1GHz ‘scope features a 5GS/s per channel sampling rate, high signal fidelity and a large display in a small footprint. Developed to provide ease of use and faster design validation, it is offered at an excellent price for such high performance.

Additional features of the WaveSurfer MXs include 10million points/channel memory depth and advanced triggering functions, including HDTV trigger, for tracking down rare events and glitches in a wide range of design and development applications. An advanced maths package, including one million point FFTs, comes as standard. The instrument is compatible with optional low-speed serial triggering and decode packages for analysis of I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232, CAN, and LIN protocols. It can also be configured with LeCroy’s 36 channel mixed signal oscilloscope options.

The instrument is slim, just 6in deep, but features a 10.4in touch screen, capable of presenting easy to read transparent overlays, search/zoom capabilities, and tabular displays. Each oscilloscope is supplied with a full set of analysis tools as standard, including WaveScan™, an advanced search and analysis feature, WaveStreamTM, a fast viewing mode, and LabNotebook™, a unique tool for documentation and report generation.

The all-powerful WaveScan feature provides the ability to locate unusual events in a single capture, or scan for an event in many acquisitions over a long period of time. Engineers can select from nearly 20 search modes, such as pulse width, frequency, rise time and duty cycle, apply a search condition and scan for unusual events. In a single acquisition, WaveScan will clearly identify the failure and list the values in a table, ready for further analysis and debug.

The WaveSurfer MXs is the ideal instrument for benchtop use in research and development, design, product verification and most general-purpose applications in virtually all industry sectors.

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