Specialist electronic components distributor Advanced Power Components is pleased to announce that Tipro’s Modular Dispatcher Terminal is now available in the UK and Ireland through APC Contech.
Tipro has more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial human-interface devices for professional use in diverse mission-critical applications. Its latest terminal offers an industrial grade modular platform designed for Command & Control Centres within Public Safety, Traffic & Transportation, Utilities and Building management.

At the core of the Dispatcher Terminal is Tipro’s robust yet elegant fan-less touchscreen computer, enabling the connection of several data and audio modules in many ergonomic positions. In addition, each module can be used as a standalone unit with a Tipro integrated controller board.

Professional multi-channel audio and data features include: – PushToTalk, PushToMute, hardware side-tones, analogue or digital audio formats, noise gating, limiting and key press coding. All functions are programmable via intuitive ChangeMe software with configurations saved to each module’s non-volatile memory. Thereafter, freedom to integrate the Dispatcher Terminal into existing hardware & software environments is possible with an open standard for communication based upon standard driver protocols.

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