MSC now offers the L70, a particularly high-performance and at the same time ultra low power consumption GPS module, from Quectel. The L70 module comes in a compact 10.1 mm x 9.7 mm x 2.5 mm form factor.MSC-Quectel

The L70 module is based on the MTK MT3339 chipset and has 66 acquisition channels and 22 tracking channels that, in combination with advanced AGPS technology called EASY (Embedded Assist System), provide the highest performance. Thanks to EASY technology, the L70 module can calculate and predict orbits automatically and using the ephemeris data store up to three days in internal flash memory. The L70 can fix the position quickly even at indoor signal levels. At the same time, with EASY technology the Time To First Fix can be reduced to 5 seconds for a warm start and 15 seconds for a cold start.

Furthermore, with the help of AlwaysLocate technology, an intelligent controller of L70 normal mode and sleep mode, the L70 can adaptively adjust the on/off time to achieve balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption. With a current consumption of 25 mA during acquisition and 22 mA in tracking operation, the L70 is currently one of the most energy efficient GPS modules on the market.

The extremely compact size, ultra low power consumption, high sensitivity of -148 dBm at cold start and -163 dBm at tracking as well as a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C make the L70 GPS module ideally suited for use in portable devices, automotive applications, industrial PDAs and a wide range of other applications.

For evaluation purposes, MSC offers a complete L70 development kit that includes hardware and software.

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