VS020L2Tek announces the Valens VS020 video networking chipset which supports HDMI interface. The VS020RX and VS020TX enable uncompressed HD video, 100W power (PoE/PoE+/PoH) and control signals (RS232, RS485 and CIR) to be combined and transmitted over Cat5e/6a cables at distances up to 150m, 50% further than Valens’ previous generation of devices.

The all-in-one connectivity over Ethernet cables dramatically reduces cabling complexity and cost, and saves both time and space during installation. In addition, the reduced number of connections increases system reliability. Applications include digital video recording, network video recording in hybrid systems, CCTV video surveillance and machine vision.

Video is transferred at up to 3Gbps with low latency of 10µS over 150m of cable. VS20 devices can be used to create networks based on a star topology or nodes can be daisy-chained for scalability.

The chipset, consisting of a receiver and transmitter, is now available from L2Tek.

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