Specialist distributor JPR Electronics has been appointed as UK Distributor for DFRobot Education products and accessories for STEM and Micro:Bit. The DFRobot Boson Kit recently won the 5-Star Award at the 2018 Teach Primary Resource Awards.

DFRobot Boson Kits are a set of modularised electronic building blocks designed for young inventors and STEM educators.

They have been designed to make it easy for teachers to deliver effective computing learning activities by offering an introduction to programming with Micro:Bit.

The modules are compatible with Microsoft MakeCode, JavaScript online Editor and Python Editor.

The Micro:Bit is an open source, hardware ARM-based embedded system designed by the BBC. It is for use in STEM and computer education with the intent of delivering 1 million devices to pupils in the UK.

Boson modules have built-in magnets for mounting to metal panels and can also be mounted with screws, Velcro and LEGO.

They can be fixed onto a wide variety of materials such as paper, wood, fabric, whiteboards or personalised LEGO creations.

DFRobot Boson Kits available from JPR Electronics include the TOY0068 Starter Kit for Micro:Bit which offers eight carefully selected modules covering the most popular digital/analogue sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light and motion interaction.

The TOY0084 Science Kit, features eight industrial quality scientific sensors for physics, chemistry and biology complete with activity cards that cover scientific exploration on eight different topics. The plug and play LED monitor allows an instant display of results.

The sensors can be combined with Micro:Bit, Arduino and other Boson modules.

Any data can then be recorded and even uploaded to a cloud server.

The TOY0083 Inventors Kit provides a set of coding-free electronic building blocks for young inventors, STEM educators and tinkerers.

It breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand; it requires no coding or soldering and is ideal as a STEM classroom teaching tool.

The Kit features a total of 37 modules, including 7 input modules, 18 function modules and six power modules with six actuators and 12 Activity cards. The cards show how to build interactive projects with LEGO blocks, wearable materials and how they can be attached to mounting boards.

The most significant DFRobot Boson Kit is the ROB0147 Max:Bot, an entry-level DIY robot that maximises children’s creativity and teaches robotics.

In the form of a car body it features a main control board, a Micro:Bit, an ultrasonic sensor, a 3-channel line-tracking sensor and two crash sensors.

It offers 10+ electronic modules, including motors, speakers, line trackers, distance sensors, a gesture sensor and more.

Boson kit accessories available from JPR Electronics include the ROBO150 micro:bit Circular LED Expansion Board, the DFR0536 Micro:bit Gamepad Expansion Board, the FIT0573 Semi Flexible Solar Panel which can be combined with the DFR0559 Sunflower Solar Power Manager and the FIT0356 Digital RGB LED 60 LED Weatherproof Strip.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments, “We are very pleased to have been appointed as UK distributor for DFRobot. DFRobot are a leading robotics and open-source hardware company that creates robots and electronics kits for the education market. JPR are very happy to be providing the tools for the next generation of UK electronics engineers.”


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