Fulfilling its promise to attract more design engineers to its FTM Board Club, Future Electronics is making the new range of STM32 Nucleo prototyping boards from STMicroelectronics available free for design engineers who sign up to the Club website.
The Nucleo boards are compatible with ARM’s mbed application development platform. They also include ST Morpho extension headers to allow access to all of the microcontroller’s on-chip peripherals, and Arduino headers which accept shields from the extensive Arduino ecosystem, allowing developers to add specialised functionality quickly and easily.

In addition, ST will offer its own dedicated shields supporting functions such as Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS satellite positioning, audio recording, proximity sensing and wireless control. Any shield can be re-used with any STM32 Nucleo board and across various projects.

Stephen Carr, Vice President Technical and Vertical of Future Electronics, said: ‘The STM32 Nucleo boards are a fantastic resource for designers because they can use the familiar mbed tools to design for any STM32 microcontroller, and also connect the boards to Arduino peripherals. We expect the industry to be very interested in STM32 Nucleo, and that is why we are happy to make the boards available free via the FTM Board Club website.’

The STM32 Nucleo-F030R8, STM32 Nucleo-F103RB, STM32 Nucleo-F401RE and STM32 Nucleo-L152RE boards are available immediately on the FTM Board Club, free to qualified OEM engineers.

The FTM Board Club provides a wide range of evaluation, development and prototyping boards free to any OEM engineer based in the EMEA region, provided the project which the board supports has a nominal commercial value. Development boards from many leading franchises are available via the site.


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