Isola Group says that its German subsidiary, Isola GmbH, has realigned its sales channel to better service PCB fabricators throughout Europe. This follows the company’s earlier announcement that CCI Group will no longer represent Isola as of January 1, 2014.
Time-to-market can pose a big challenge for PCB fabricators, considering the variety of base materials and the number of configuration options. Ray Sharpe, President and CEO of Isola Group, S.a.r.l. stated, “I would like to thank CCI for its longstanding relationship with Isola. We have chosen to realign our distribution strategy to provide our European customers with shortened delivery times on our new high-speed digital materials and provide immediate access to our entire inventory.”
The company has hired additional staff to provide direct sales and technical support. Isola’s in-house expertise provides assistance to OEMs and PCB fabricators in developing efficient solutions for today’s manufacturing requirements. The company also works with OEMs to define future product offerings in support of next-generation designs.
Sharpe added, “The partnership between Isola and our OEM customers accelerates the transition from PCB design to volume production, thus reducing the time it takes OEMs to release their finished product to the market.”
Isola has reduced the average cycle-time for standard orders, which can now be ready for shipment in less than five business days. It also offers a 24-hour quick-turnaround (QTA) service on select standard products. This QTA service guarantees the order will ship within 24 hours of receipt of the order. The QTA program also allows customers to order the precise amount of product needed. There are no large-quantity order requirements, which enables customers to reduce their inventory levels and the risk that prepreg expires on the shelf.
In addition to its expanded sales and technical staff, Isola has expanded its distribution channel in France to include representative firm, Absalys. Abdellah Hoummass, President of Absalys stated, “With direct access to inventory from Isola’s Duren manufacturing facility, we are able to supply PCB fabricators in our region with product quickly and efficiently.”
Last month, the company announced a distribution agreement with Holders Technology to market and sell selected materials in the United Kingdom. The agreement, which takes effect on January 1, 2014, will provide support for PCB fabricators throughout the United Kingdom. Holders Technology will offer PCB fabricators short delivery times from a large inventory of laminate and prepreg material located at its 1,170m² warehouse in Galashiels, Scotland.


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