UK-based IQD Frequency Products has signed a global distribution deal with Mouser Electronics. IQD has over 40 years’ experience as a quartz crystal manufacturer, and offers a comprehensive range of frequency control products covering both surface mount and legacy through-hole products for virtually any application.

The IQD Frequency product line comprises over 80 models which cover a multitude of applications. The ultra-small IQXO-984/985/986 series are 32.768 kHz clock oscillators that consume just 30µA, with a standby current as low as 3µA. The devices offer startup time of only 10ms at 1.8V with a rise and fall time of 200ns. The ultra-low power clock oscillators are ideal for use in handheld and battery-powered applications such as battery management systems, communication modules and systems, LCD lighting systems, and smart meters.

The IQXO-540 AUTO series are AEC-Q200- and ISO/TS16949-qualified clock oscillators for industrial and automotive applications, with frequencies available in the range from 4.0 to 50MHz. With stabilities down to ±25ppm over -40 to +85 degrees Celsius or ±50ppm over the extended temperature range of -40 to 125 degrees Celsius, the 3.3V ceramic hermetically sealed models offer a current consumption as low as 5mA and standby current of 10µA (in standard temperature range), making them ideal for industrial applications as well as in-car applications including ABS, airbag sensors, navigation, and remote keyless entry systems.


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