Distributors are continuing to beef up their Internet of Things portfolio. The latest move sees Digi-Key sign a global distribution agreement with Inventek Systems, a full-service modular solutions provider of Wi-Fi, BT, BTLE, NFC, GPS, Combo-Radios, Broadcom WICED platforms and Antennas for embedded Connectivity and IoT-ready applications.
Al Serpa, CMO & Co-Founder at Inventek Systems, stated that, “Our Digi-Key relationship is very exciting. The convergence between wireless connectivity and a 50Bu IoT market by 2020 will require a premier distribution partner. Digi-Key’s ability to reach what will be the most diversified range of customer and market applications our industry has seen in combination with Inventek’s Best-In-Class IoT and Cloud-ready portfolio will position both companies as the standard in wireless solutions and services.”
Inventek’s modular connectivity solutions cover IoT applications across a wide range of embedded vertical markets including consumer, industrial, energy, medical, and military segments.
Ira Suko, Director of Semiconductors at Digi-Key, said, “Our customer base will find great value in the addition of Inventek’s Best-In-Class IoT and Cloud-ready portfolio. These products provide a wide range of options from low-cost system-in-a-package (SiP) products to modular-based solutions that address a particular application or industry need.”


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