Intepro Systems has been appointed a USA and Europe distributor by Preen, a Taiwan-based specialist manufacturer of test and measurement power sources. It is a significant deal for Interpo as it gains them entry into the fast growing green energy sector. It expects to deliver new business with established customers on new products that complement its existing power portfolio.
Established in 1989 Preen has become a major manufacturer of AC and DC Power Sources and Frequency Converters and is one of only three manufacturers of “Regenerative” AC Power Sources.
It produces 65MW of AC power products per year and has three factories with 370 employees, including an R&D team of 55 engineers. In addition to supplying a large number of global OEMs Preen has provided grid simulators and voltage regulator sources to most international EMC certification labs where clean controllable energy is key to their customers operation.
The company is at the leading edge of renewable energy and electric vehicle development and test as well as the more traditional markets of test and burn-in of industrial and military systems, IT, automotive, medical and white goods.
The product range includes Linear Transistor AC power sources from 0.5 to kVA, Industrial AC power sources operating at 47~63Hz rated from 0.5 to 2000kVA, Military 400Hz AC power sources from 0.5 to 400kVA, 45~500Hz Wide Frequency power sources from 0.5 to 300kVA, Shore Frequency Converters from 300 to 1200A and Grid Simulation power supplies from 6 to 2000kVA.
Preen offers a full range of services to customers including on-site planning and technical consultancy, full engineering installation service and an upgrade support in the event of a regulation change.
Stuart Gibson, Sales Manager of Intepro Systems explains, “Preen is an experienced, customer proven supplier of high efficiency power solutions for test and measurement applications in industrial and new energy markets and is an excellent fit alongside our own power test and electronic load products.”


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