Hypertac REP high-reliability, rectangular, plastic connectors are now available from Aerco with no minimum order quantities. The connectors are suitable for any environment requiring quick and secure connection, in particular demanding AE 527 Aercoapplications as found in the rail and defence industries. Aerco can also provide complete, fully-tested, pre-cabled assemblies designed to specific customer requirements.

Available with pin layouts from two to 12-way, the REP series uses the Hypertac high-performance ‘hyperboloid’ contact technology that ensures low contact resistance and a high current of up to 13A continuous and meets 18A according to NFF61-030.

Shock and vibration proof according to EN61373, resistant to salt spray and fire and smoke with low toxicity emission, the REP connectors use an innovative contact design that allows for a lower mating force thereby increasing the life of the contacts up to 500 mating cycles thus reducing service costs. Interfacial seals and integral rear grommets ensure environmental sealing to IP66 and IP67. The operating temperature range is from -40 to +100°C.

Only one size of contact is used to crimp across a range of wires ranging from 0.5 to 2.5mm² and this reduces supply chain costs and means that only one set of tools is required over the range of insert layouts. Customers can polarise the connectors themselves by configuring three coding keys thus simplifying the part number system.

The REP series will find applications in all types of embedded equipment ranging from brakes, sensors, lighting, air conditioning and communication equipment and is ideal for market sectors such as the railway, defence, automotive, test and measurement, industrial and public utilities industries.

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